·          Cutting Property Taxes-All too often, the Clay County Assessors office values your home for more than it is worth, costing you thousands of extra taxes. If elected I will allow property owners at their own expense to submit their own home assessment, so long as it is procured from a reputable, certified private company. If the private assessment results in lower taxes, the county will use it to value your home.

·         Infrastructure-Access to Fiber Optic internet should be as easy to access as other utilities such as water and electricity. Less than half of Clay has access to Fiber. It's time that citizens in the rural unincorporated portions of the county have the same access as those who live in the urban areas. Pandemic or not, 10G Fiber access is the way to the future for education, business and our everyday lives. As county commissioner, I will make county-wide Fiber access a priority by ensuring that cable providers ensure universal access and if they refuse, I will explore having the county establish a publicly owned utility for internet access.

·         Transparency- My goal is to ensure that Clay County government offices are more responsive and transparent to property owners. Clay county residents deserve to know what processes are used in evaluating how their tax dollars are spent. All expenses will be made public and posted on the county websites.

·         Cutting Costs-A county that wastes money on  a $600 Keurig coffee maker is just the tip of the iceberg.  Back in December 2016, more than $58,000 was paid to law firms handling the county's open record requests, a function previously handled by the county clerk. $84,000 was paid to lobbyists for services that could have been done in house. I will focus on cutting wasteful processes and cutting expenses where ever possible

·         Law and Order-When the Missouri Western District Court of Appeals rules that the Clay County government deliberately underfunded jails, there is a serious problem. Defunding the Sherriff's department is just plain wrong, and I will make sure that never happens again if I am elected.  I absolutely, 100% support the citizen mandated audit and I will not use any measures to delay or block it as outgoing Commissioners Owen and Ridgeway have. If the audit shows any violation of laws by the former commissioners or anyone else for that matter, I would recommend that the matter be reported or referred to law enforcement.

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