My goal for the North Kansas City School District consists of two words: 

Transparency and Accountability.

Fighting corruption and ensuring that the NKC school district is accountable to parents is the most important issue facing Clay County today. The past 18 months of the pandemic has been hard for families. Idle industries across Missouri have thrown workers into low wages, human misery and personal indignity amidst the recent pandemic. Those who pay taxes are denied a fair return for their child's education, their success penalized, and full productivity hindered. The NKC school board has been busy enacting curriculums more suitable for indoctrination than education, all without parental input. They stoke divisions, supporting CRT. It is concerning the NKC school board is doing nothing about adult material already present in our school libraries and to add to insult to injury, finds such material as suitable literature for minors. It is time for masking and mandatory vaccinations to end. I will firmly stand against these injustices if elected.