Every kid is different. That's why learning should be tailored to allow every kid to discover and develop their talents to realize their full potential. But the current system falls short. American schools were designed for a world that no longer exists- a standardized, top-down education model that prepared students for an academic future. Today, that model is failing to prepare kids for the world they will face after high school, a world where four years of college will only leave you saddled with debt. It's time to create an educational system designed to prepare kids for futures in vocations, learning real world skills.

Give Families Options

     To succeed today, young people need student centered, innovative approaches they can't get from one sized-fits all education. We can open doors to opportunity by allowing families to choose schools that fit their child's needs instead of those assigned to them based on their zip code. I support open enrollment which allows families to send their children to any school within the NKC school District instead of being forced to use the school in their neighborhood boundaries.

Fund Students, not Systems

     While some families have always had access to educational options, many others are trapped in schools that are failing them. A fair funding system that is not based on property taxes would allow taxpayer dollars to follow the child to the school that best fits their needs.