My goal for Clay County government consists of two words, transparency and accountability.

Fighting corruption and ensuring that government functions cleanly is the most important. Idle industries across Missouri have thrown workers into low wages, human misery and personal indignity. Those who pay taxes are denied a fair return for their labor, their success penalized, and full productivity hindered. Local businesses have been stripped from this community, and its infrastructure has collapsed while taxes keep getting raised and government spends on frivolous things like $600 coffee makers. I will firmly stand against this injustice.

I will focus on cutting wasteful processes and cutting expenses where ever possible.  I absolutely, 100% support a citizen mandated audit and I will not use any measures to delay or block it as outgoing Commissioners Owen and Ridgeway have. If the audit shows any violation of laws by the former commissioners or anyone else for that matter, I would recommend that the matter be reported or referred to law enforcement.