Hello, my name is Josiah Bechthold.

I am a proud American, privileged to live all over the world as I served in our nation’s military. I love the 4th of July, vote during every election, wear red, white, and blue, but still believe our country has room for growth and improvement. I say this because I know that our country, just like our schools, is not simply a collection of rules, procedures, systems, or buildings. America, and the schools in this amazing country, are filled with teachers who are doing a great job helping students mature to their maximum potential by challenging their universe of knowledge and beliefs. And yet our school administrators whose main role is to ensure the smooth operation of the institution are instead guilty of a dereliction of duty. They worry was that some “sensitive,” immature soul was offended! Evidently, these administrators, moved by the tears of those “traumatized” souls, acted in cowardly fashion to ban the teaching of accepted scientific truths. Those who pay taxes are denied a fair return for their child's education, their success penalized, and full productivity hindered. The NKC school board has been busy enacting curriculums more suitable for indoctrination than education, and making dangerous medical decisions for our children, all without parental input. I will firmly stand against these injustices if elected.

My goal for the North Kansas City School District:

Transparency, Accountability, Parental Choice