Hello, my name is Josiah Bechthold. I believe in parental choice should be paramount to the education of our children. Ensuring that the NKC school district is accountable to parents is the most important issue facing Clay County today.

In the past we always looked to our schools to educate our children in the basic skills they would need to become productive members of the body politic. And yet our children fell behind during the recent Covid pandemic. Those who pay taxes are denied a fair return for their child's education, their success penalized, and full productivity hindered. And all the while, the NKC school board was busy enacting curriculums more suitable for indoctrination than education, all without parental input. They stoke divisions, supporting CRT.  I will firmly stand against these injustices if elected.

My goal for the North Kansas City School District:

Transparency, Accountability, Parental Choice